Privacy Policy uses the updated web technology for securing the information that visitors supply. The objective of this privacy policy is to acknowledge users about the data collected by us when a user visits our site. We will not expose any information of yours to any third party. We take different security measures for securing the valuable information of our users. Our team collects your data in different ways, and in visiting our site, you accept the privacy policies. 

Cookies & Amp; Third-Party Advertisements

Google provides the ads you see on the website as a third party vendor. It uses DART cookies to allow the advertisements on our site. Visitors have the option to not accept DART cookies by browsing through Google Ad and content network privacy policy.

The third-party organizations have permission to post the advertisements on our website. These firms use non-personal information like browser type, time, date, clickstream and other valuable data. The advertising networks generally use third-party web beacons or cookies to get such information.

What type of data do we collect?

Our website collects user information and particulars about the visitors. This comprises some essential data for a particular objective. The user data collected may be the name, age, gender, email address, or any vital information. We use cookies for this purpose placed on the user’s browser returning the user information unchanged.

However, cookies do not contain any user information. They are present to improve the user experience. You are free to join and comment on any discussion happening on the website. You can also use social media platforms for commenting on our website. We may also collect some technical details. The data helps us evaluate the website’s popularity, and data is recorded in Log file.

How is the collected data utilized?

The data we collect can be put to use for various reasons. If you use our ‘Contact Us‘ section, you have to provide the contact details to contact you for any queries. When using the ‘Sign Up’ option, you need to fill in your information for validation. 

What if I give my details to marketing affiliates of this website?

Clicking the affiliate links will redirect you to the partner’s website. We are not accountable for securing your particulars on other sites that may open through our website. Please note that your data will be in total control of another website. You may browse that site at your own risk.

Is my critical data kept safe and secure?

Our website uses secured mechanisms for preserving your information. Techniques like encryption are employed to keep your data safe. However, we never guarantee the protection of your data. It may be vulnerable due to malicious attacks such as phishing attacks or through malware. However, to the extent that the online world is not entirely secure, we cannot guarantee that any of your data stored or sent to us will be completely safe. We encourage you to use caution when using the internet to access our websites, social media or app.

What if I get subscription emails from your site wanting current details?

Typically the newsletters are sent from the official website to keep the users updated about the latest happenings. If you receive an email asking for any personal information, then ensure them as fraud. Avoid replying to such mails. Please inform us about such activities in our official email.

What if I do not share any data that I feel is confidential?

When using the website, you adhere to our privacy policy. You may avoid providing information that you may think of confidential. But filling in the mandatory details is also crucial if you want to take complete advantage of the website.

Notice regarding Online Behavioral Advertising

Our site uses advertising and affiliate networks that collect some non-personal data from the users. These advertisements can be related to products or any helpful service.

Sharing Your Personal Information

The information we collect may be transferred to, stored and processed in regions/countries where our branch is located. This assures you to avail of benefits from superior services wherever you visit us. 

We can also share your info with the service providers involved in maintaining our websites, apps, social media, or other tools to process our clients or prospects’ information. When we transfer your details, we will provide adequate protection for the transfer of your personal information to recipients in those countries/regions. 

We make this happen by entering into data transfer agreements either on the European Commission standards clauses with such data recipients or other valid transfer mechanisms available in the future. You can get a list of the third countries/regions and a copy of these safeguards upon request.

Privacy Policy for Children

The children easily share their private information online without knowing the consequences. Children 13 years and above are permissible to access the site. We never collect any personal information from children without the consent of their parents or guardian unless permitted by applicable law.

You must be at least sixteen years old to share your personal information and eighteen years old for purchase on our store or websites or apps. You affirm that you are at least eighteen years old and can enter into and be legally bound by such transactions by doing transactions with us. 

If we get to know that a minor has submitted personal data to us through our different media sources, we will delete such personal information.

Google DART Cookies

This third party vendor uses the DART cookies for serving the advertisement on our website. You can opt-out by going through the cookies option to avoid the DART cookies on your system.

Images on the Site

The images used on the website are collected from numerous sources like Google Images, Flickr, Free Stock Photos and others. We try our best to provide credit to the original image source. We never claim the copyrights of any image unless it is stated with the image. If you feel any copyright issues, you can contact us, and we will resolve the problem soon.

Right to Change the Privacy Policy

The site reserves the right to change the privacy policy anytime without any prior information to the users. If you visit the site after the policy is updated, it implies that you agree to the policy terms.